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2019 year production  

[Multicam] NCPC (Navy Command Plate Carrier) 

M size only. 


















*important !!

- Use 'Large size SAPI plate' for 'L size NCPC'

(most of Chinese, HongKong replica SAPI has Large size with marking 'Medium'. Please use correct SAPI plate for our gears)






NSW, US special forces style -  NCPC (Navy Command Plate Carrier)

Full load out plate carrier

► Full scale (full load out) / maximum comfort with large storage rooms / heavy duty style

► quick release cable in emergency. quick buckle for take on/off while using helmet

► all components are included for pre-orders.







◉ component (included)

- NCPC plate front bag X 1ea

- NCPC plate back bag X 1ea

- side panel X 2ea (left, right each 1ea)

- webbing light cummerbund X 2ea (left, right each 1ea)

- shoulder pads X 2 (M, L different size - choose your size)

- inside pad set ( Small size : 4ea / Large size : 4ea )

- stretch pouch X 2ea (4ea of 5.56mm-M4- magazine)

◉ materials

- original Multicam 500D fabric

- original ITW mil spec buckle

- original Velcro milspec

- original Multicam webbings

- original YKK zipper

- original UTX snap

- origianl milspec mesh

*premium grade materials for all details

◉ recommend

- Full load out plate carrier for long time mission: modern warfare concept / assaulter, breaching operator concept.

- You can carry all what you need in your daily airsoft event.





















 ◉ product in photo

- vest : SEMAPO -  NCPC [Multicam]

- shirts : SEMAPO - 3D combat shirts [Multicam]


Do you need more space ?

Just use zip-on panel attached on the back !