Best choice for cold weather, brief rain or in tactical action 

light weight tactical jacket

Best choice for cold weather, tactical jacket

breathable, genuine Ranger Green windstop fabric, original materials ( water proof )

US size spec.

- packable into pouch

- water repellent 

- breathable

- stretch each side

- reinforced stitch

- twisted thread with 1 core inside (strong)

- original ITW bukle

- original cord

- original velcro

You can wear at your outdoor activity, shooting range, as well as your daily life & daily work place.

The adjustable hood can be detached if you want. The mesh parts on the arm is designed for side friction resistance.

Each of parts has stretch parts that will make give you more comfort when you move without tearing parts.

Also the shape is 3D curved shape on each of parts, especially on chest.

The side ventilation zipper can be opened when you need, that is YKK water proof zipper. All zippers are carefully chosen to match correct color with windjacket fabric.

You can use in your daily life, or you can use in your battle or mission. Especially you want to be 'low profile' without exposure to your enemy, with more undercovering.












MULTICAM photo below :